Shehnaaz Dance Academy will be offering a three hour 1 week long spring break camp in downtown Jersey City for children ages 3 and up. The camp have a 45 minutes Hindi class, 45 minutes Bollywood Dance class, and a 45 minutes Drama class. Children will be given breaks in between the sessions and will be provided a dry snack for snack break. Participants will be required to bring a spill proof water bottle and wear comfortable clothes that allow for ease of movement. Students participating in the camp will have an opportunity to perform at Shehnaaz Dance Academy's Spring Recital on May 12th. 

Camp Details

  • Dry, nut-free snack will be provided
  • Students need to bring a spill proof water bottle
  • Wearing comfortable, fitted clothing is a must. No jeans allowed.

Camp Pricing

  • Drop-in Cost: $60/day
  • Week Cost: $230
  • 10% Sibling Discount

Hindi Class Curriculum

  • Introduction to Hindi Alphabet (Varnmala)
  • Teach Hindi poems and songs
  • Practice basic communication via group activities 
  • Learn common Hindi words for color, animals, etc.
  • Practice writing and reading (as deemed age appropriate)

Drama Curriculum

  • Learn about stage positioning & voice projection
  • The skit will be entirely in hindi and will be 2 minutes
  • Focus on expressing emotions using facial expressions
  • Allow students to feel comfortable in the limelight and conquer stage fright
  • Practice listening to cues and learn the importance of knowing your part

Bollywood Dance Curriculum

  • Introduction to the basics of Indian Dance
  • Familiarize students with the 8 count beat
  • Focus on improved coordination and teamwork
  • Improve range of movement, posture, and stance
  • Learn one choreographed dance sequence (2-3 min)